Mobile First

Mobile is where customers are

Magpie's apps and tools allow you to collect customer payments easily on their smartphones. You iOS and Android apps will just work.

Accept all cards

The card-carrying customer is here

Charge any card with a Visa or MasterCard logo. Accept credit, debit, or prepaid, including GCash and PayMaya cards.

Quick and easy

Sell and make money now, not later

An online store in minutes. One or one million bills sent in seconds. Customer payments processed in under a minute. Quick and easy - really.

Meet PayButton

The easiest way to monetize. Create it and drop it onto your web pages.
Instant buy-with-a-click for your products and services.

Try it! Click on the button to donate P500.00 to Philippine Foundation for Breast Care, Inc.
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Check out how merchants are using PayButton

A singer-songwriter, a handicraft designer, and a unique fun-run event.

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Your best friend for getting your invoices paid. Send bills once, or send them regularly. Send one or send millions. We deliver your invoices over SMS, email, and app push notifications.

Once your customers receive the bill, it just takes less than two minutes to pay. 

PayTerminal lets you charge customers anytime, anywhere

What is PayTerminal?

PayTerminal is the software version of the card swiper that you often see when cashiers take your card for payment processing.

Why use PayTerminal?

As a Magpie seller or merchant, you get access to PayTerminal without additional cost. You can send a charge to your customer at any price you set. The customer pays using his card without you having to touch it.

Is it good for me?

Definitely! PayTerminal can be used from anywhere, since the merchant generates a charge request sent via SMS, which can be paid by the customer instantly. That means more sales opportunities for you..

It's the app that will keep on giving.

PayTerminal can be used by any merchant or service professional to collect payments from their customers face-to-face, or remotely. To get early access when we launch it, click here.

Give me more information

Magpie Marketplace

Magpie Marketplace let's anybody create an online store with just a few clicks of the mouse! Fill up a simple form, upload product pictures, set prices, and you're off selling in no time. Payments included.
Want to start selling? Click here.

Our API rocks

We are developers. And we know you've advanced use cases that cannot be served by our pre-built payment tools. So we created an API that you can use for any web and native app you have in mind. Apply for early access here.

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